My McD's Minions collection [Complete]

Finally, the collection is complete. 

Wasn't able to blog about this as I went to Melaka for the weekend with my family. 

Anyway, it felt great to be able to have completed the McD's Minions collections. 

I have posted my collection as of the third week here: 

My McD's Minions collection [Week 3]


I haven't figure out how I will keep the collection at the moment but will definitely plan for that. As for now, I'm happy to show off my final week collection:

I've also watched the Minions with YenLeng. Honestly, I think if you're looking for a movie to laugh and release some of your daily stress, this is one of those that help to achieve that. 


  1. Too cute! Would love to watch the movie too :D

    1. I have watched the movie. Think you should watch it as well!


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