Plank Exercise Challenge [Day 15]

Sometimes, it's easy to read about how others managed to keep to a certain challenge or follow a certain routine to hit certain fitness goals etc. 

When I first started to go for the plank exercise challenge, I thought it's easy because of the amount of time it takes but sometimes, life has a way to keep you busy. 

After my last update on my rest day on Day 8, I had difficulty maintaining the momentum. Firstly, I was busy the day after that. And then I was on a short trip to Melaka. In short, I missed my Day 9 til Day 12. 

Day 9 - 0

Day 10 - 0

Day 11 - 0

Day 12 - 0

Day 13 - 90 seconds (2 sets)

Day 14 - 90 seconds

Day 15 - 90 seconds

This made me realized how difficult it must be for others out there who are probably trying to hit a certain fitness goals and failed to follow the schedule for a while, and it honestly felt difficult to go back. After Day 12, I honestly felt that it was a waste of time to keep up to the challenge but one thing keep me going back: the willingness to try again.

It must be difficult for anyone to keep their fitness on track especially if they failed to keep up for a few days. Perhaps the way to overcome this is to keep going, to keep trying. To get up and try again after the fall.

Now that I'm back on track, I'm hoping to keep up for the remaining days of it. One tips on how one could keep track is probably to do it at the start of the day. It's easier to avoid having excuses to skip the plank but if morning is a difficult time for you, doing it before sleep is another alternative.