Plank Exercise Challenge [Day 8]

This is the 8th day since I started the Plank exercise challenge on Day 1.

I decided to take today as rest day.

While the schedule shared to me by my friend was pretty good, I have decided to make it slightly harder.

This was what I had done for the last 7 days.

Day 1 - 30 seconds

Day 2 - 30 seconds

Day 3 - 45 seconds

Day 4 - 60 seconds

Day 5 - 60 seconds

Day 6 - 60 seconds

Day 7 - 90 seconds

I thought of continuing but since I had a dinner and yumcha session with Tom and Aaron together with Yen Leng, I decided to give myself a break for the day.

Hopefully will be able to improve myself physically by focusing on the core muscles with plank exercise.