Fitbit Flex [Weekly Report Progress Update]

The other day I was talking about the first week of using Fitbit Flex. It's actually great to be able to keep things into data, and to cheer about small achievements to keep the momentum in running and workout.

Another feature that I love about Fitbit is the weekly report progress that will be sent to my email.

It's a good reminder of how I'm doing for the week.

This is how the weekly progress report from Fitibt.

Of course, there are some things that I still don't like about it and still could not get used to it. The thing about keeping statistics is that you want it to be accurate but if my Fitbit battery run out, I'll have to charge it and probably miss one day data. It definitely take some discipline to ensure that your fitbit is charged. 

Nevertheless, I'm slowly getting used to having it worn all the time during the day already.

Here is an achievement that was unlocked and it notify me via email as well.

I will definitely encourage anyone who are looking to lose weight or to build body or who just wanted to live a healthier life to get a Fitbit. It's not just because of the data but the empowerment that comes with it to aim for fitness.


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