Plank Exercise Challenge [Day 29]

It definitely took a lot of effort and discipline. 

It's Day 29. One more day before Day 30.

Here is a quick update on my progress for the past week.

Day 22 - 60 seconds, 3 sets

Day 23 - 60 seconds, 3 sets

Day 24 - 60 seconds, 3 sets

Day 25 - 60 seconds, 3 sets

Day 26 - 60 seconds (1 set only)

Day 27 - 60 seconds (1 set only)

Day 28 - 60 seconds (1 set only)

Day 29 - 60 seconds (1 set only)

The reason for the reduced sets and time on Day 26 onward is because of my focus. I'm back to running and workout. Have been consistently doing it for the last 4 days and thus reducing the load in my plank exercise challenge.

For those of you who feel that it's difficult to maintain the momentum, I suggest start going for 30 seconds on a daily basis. After 30 days only consider improving your timing. 

I think running, bodybuilding and plank exercise need to be done in a balanced manner. The most important is consistency. The progress to fitness is more like a marathon than a 100m race. 

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