Fitness Project: Back pain? Consider swimming

I got this lower back pain and after doing some googling and consulting with some of my friends who are into coaching and bodybuilding, I came to a conclusion that my sit ups are probably the cause of it.

As I was aiming for 500 sit ups daily, probably for some of the sets, I was doing it with my lower back. This in turn cause the pain.

Anyway, I wanted to keep the momentum going and so instead of taking a break tonight, I have opted to do try to swim in the pool. 

I can't swim so it was merely attempts to try to swim in the pool.

Anyway for safety reasons, I bought these first...the goggles so that I can see when I'm under the water while the swim board to help me to float in case if I need it. Anyway the pool in my condominium is not very deep so I think I'm good to learn swimming on my own with these two things.

The goggles and swimming board

Well, it was definitely a different form of exercise. Facing with the fear of water and the need to keep your body workout. But it definitely felt better to exercise in the water with the lower back pain at the moment.

It is probably because of the low impact in swimming on the body. Unless of course you are training to be an elite swimming, but otherwise, swimming is a good rehab for such pain.

Will definitely need to fine tune my work out, to avoid unnecessary injuries or pain such as this.