Quote of the day: Be your own COMPETITION

Today, I felt frustrated and disappointed.

Honestly, I felt that I have been doing a lot in order to improve my fitness and strength. The bodybuilding process is a difficult one for me, especially when I felt the process is too long. I'm not taking protein and I felt that it is almost impossible to bulk up.

I was in the gym in the afternoon, trying to beat my previous timing but could only match it. 24 minutes for 5km. It's a decent run but I felt disappointed for not improving.

Sometimes, when you feel down after trying so hard, it's easy to choose the easy way: Give up.

Quote of the day: Be your own COMPETITION

But I was reminded of the importance of the fitness project. It's not just about getting the six pack ab that I'm working towards. It's not just about running faster or building a bigger body but it's about challenging yourself. It doesn't matter how slow the progress maybe because fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Be Your Own COMPETITION, and that's what matters. Keep improving and the results will come.