Quote of the Day: Today is the Day

While I was looking through my Facebook news feed, I saw a post from a good friend of mine, Yen Fong. She posted something with a photo written: Today is the day.

And I think that is so true. 

A lot of things, be it your work, relationships, families, health etc. A lot of times, we are so used to giving excuses to ourselves to delay things that are important but of no urgency to us.

If you have yet to make a phone call to your parents, do it today. If you have yet to start going for your daily run, do it today. If you haven't been able to complete a work task that is not urgent, do it today. If you have not send a message to a close friends of yours for a long time, do it today...Because Today is the Day.

Quote of the day: Today is the day

No one knows what tomorrow brings but what you choose to do today, that's what will make the changes in your life.