Swansea 2 - 1 Manchester United

Swansea made a serious come back against Manchester United and while it was a pain in the ass for me as a fan to watch the game, there were such strong intent and motivation from the home team to win the game. It's sad to see how United wasted some of their chances especially with Rooney but Swansea players must be lauded for their performance. A game in which the Swansea players shown a lot of determination and taken full advantage of United's defensive errors.

Juan Mata had a close range strike just after half time to put Manchester United ahead in the game but Swansea turn the tide when Andre Ayew and Bafetimbi Gomis gave Swansea a 2-1 victory, and to make sure Van Gaal's loss against them continues.

Statistics would have shown United dominated the game for 64% but ball possession without threat count for nothing. In fact, Swansea was just as dangerous as United if not better. Manchester United seriously need to consider switching to a 2 strikers options or to buy a player that is more suitable for a lone striker role. While Wayne Rooney is hardworking and might be lauded for his effort, his 4th games in the Premier League without a goal just show how far he is from the striker that Manchester United need.



Manchester United dominated the game against Swansea in ball possession
Louis Van Gaal's men once again dominated the ball possession but without a serious threat, Manchester United were never going to win against Swansea. Yes, we have seen a lot of brilliant passing in the midfield and Schweinsteiger played his full 90 minutes for the Red Devils. The German was calm, efficient and brilliant but United were lacking in front. They need a striker, who could push Swansea defense behind, who would run behind the ball more often. Rooney was trying to do that but he was not as effective than he should. So often, the balls were played just outside the penalty box but Rooney was in no position to score. It is sad to see how Van Gaal continue with his philosophy on passing without real solution to score. Rooney had 4 games of chances and I think it shows United needed something else.

2) Shots

I think if you look at the dominance in ball possession and shots, then you will see how effective Swansea has been.

Both Manchester United and Swansea City have 4 shots on target

With only 36% ball possession, Swansea City had managed 9 shots and 4 on target while Manchester United only managed 11 shots and 4 on target despite controlling the game. It seems that Van Gaal is content to just win ball possession than to create more chances. 

Here is the summary of the stats for the night:

Match Summary

Not going to comment so much on the game but Swansea definitely deserved it. Manchester United continued their brilliant passing game but it's not enough. They need another striker.