Fitness Project: Consistency even when in pain

I sort of hurt my lower back and it was kinda pain when I sit down or squat. When I get into my car, I felt the pain or when I sit at my work place, I'll also feel it. When I squat, it's quite painful as well.

I was thinking of taking a break from gym and I did so for the last 1 week. I still did some light exercise such as plank and went for a one time weight lifting during the week. But I felt uneasy about the long rest from my workout and exercise.

I decided to read up more about working out during these kind of period.

No Pain No Gain

I've found some very good advice on it and is starting to workout at a pace that is more sustainable for me. As I do not have another gym partner, I don't have someone to support me so it's important not to lift weights that are beyond me. I went back to 15kg instead of going for 25kg and 30kg instead. This is also because I didn't want to severe my injury. I ran for about 3km in below 15 minutes and I focus a lot on my core muscles.

Doing plank and side planks as well.

Here was my timing. Lap 1 was for the plank and lap 2 and 3 for both left and right side planks. Did 3 sets for this. 

With the 15kg dumbbell, I lift the weights easily so I did it for my biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest as well. There is not much stress on it but I just wanted to keep up the momentum in doing even when the injury is there. The good thing about it is that this sort of workout doesn't give me the sort of pain around my lower back after gym, so that's a good sign.

I did about 5 minutes of rope skipping and I'm down. Definitely not an easy exercise to aim for but it definitely feel good after the workout.

Will focus more on the core muscles to strengthen my back and ward off injury.