FitnessProject: Keeping the Momentum

The other day while I was having a conversation with my boss over a cup of coffee at Starbucks, my boss asked me a question that made me realized how misleading I could be. He asked, "Billy, are you aiming for a six pack by a year's time or something?" 

Well, in a way, the shape is starting to take place but the thing that I realized is this: a lot of people look at physical activities or fitness as a way to look good. While none of this is not wrong, I feel that I've not emphasize enough: it's not about trying to build a body like Cristiano Ronaldo or Jake Gyllenhaal for that matter. All of that can be inspirational but at the end of the day, I feel fitness is about feeling healthier, better and happier after each workout, after each run. 

When I managed to improve on my run or my workout, I feel good and I knew I've beaten myself, my own record and that's what push me on.

The other day, I hurt my own finger when slipped and dropped the dumbbell. I went to see the doctor and decided to give myself a week's break. 

the dumbbell dropped on my finger

Initially, I thought of continuing my fitness project with run but since I was pretty occupied at work as well, I had an entire of last week off. 

Kicking start my workout with a 5km run was good. I managed to complete the run in 25 minutes. But I realized the difficulty in keeping the momentum after I take a break from my exercise routine for a week. The body and mind seems to be easily occupied with other things and a lot of excuses will pop up not to go for the run or to lift the weights. 

Keep the momentum

Which brought me to why I shared my conversation with my boss....if you workout with the sole purpose of looking slimmer, fitter and better, you will be greatly discouraged when the results are not as good as you hope them to be.

But if you set the right objective in mind: for a fitter, healthier and better you, then you have the right mindset to go on and keep the momentum. While looking good at the same time is definitely a bonus, you got to the end of the day, if I could run 10km instead of just 8km, I've improved....of if I could run 5km within 25 minutes instead of 30 minutes, it's an improvement and that's worth a celebration. 

The only way for me to keep the momentum is when I have the right objectives and goals. I know I can. I hope you can. 


  1. Ouch, that must be so painful! Hope you're healing well. My hubby goes to the gym 3 times a week, as for me........... I go to the mall 3 times a week! Muahahaha! I'm allergic to exercise! Keep up the good work!

    1. Haha!! I think exercise should be something that is part of every individual's life. Of course, physical activities could be a good replacement of it, like going to the mall 3 times a week. Nevertheless, you really should consider going for the workout with your hubby together. It could be a really good dating session! ;-)

  2. good post. if you enjoy it then that is what's important and then the results will come after :)


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