Tom's birthday pre-celebration

Yesterday we managed to get Tom out for an early celebration on his birthday. 

Since Tom got his own celebration today, we went out for dinner a day earlier. 

The problem is: he was late. 

Aaron, Yen Leng and myself was there at about 8.15pm while he only reached at about 9.40pm like that. Anyway, we went to Garage 51 at Bandar Sunway. 

This is how Garage 51 looks like from the outside. Love the design there, both the exterior and interior design of it.

Anyway Aaron, Yen Leng and I decided to order for ourselves while waiting for Tom as he had a meeting to attend. (meeting on a Friday night? Seriously? What the Hell! Haha!)

We even took a "we-fie" and posted it on Facebook while waiting for him.

While waiting for the birthday boy
It was a great dinner session even though Tom was very late.

It's great to be able to catch up and the environment in Garage 51 was quite good and lively. Of course, the waiters mixed up our orders a bit, one on the food and the other on the drink but other than that, it was a great place to catch up with your friends.

This was what Aaron ordered.

The latte with some flower art

Chicken Pamigiana
Yen Leng ordered one of the "Messed-Up Family" drink..."The Daughter" and Spaghetti Aglio Olio.

Aglio Olio

"The Daughter - Coconut"

Yen Leng found the food to be so so but their drink definitely is quite unique and special. Worth going for a try at least.

And this was what I had:

GARAGE Latte and Grilled Salmon Spaghetti. Not the best that I had but it's average. The garage latte is basically an ice blended drink. Not bad but I normally prefer my latte to be hot. Will go for the normal latte next time.


Grilled Salmon Spaghetti
And the main star of the night only made his appearance at about 9.45pm.

We ordered for him as soon as he told us he was on his way and the drinks and food arrived before he did. We even managed to take a photo without him in it but he came as soon as the food arrived.

The food and drink arrived before he did
Anyway it was a great time to catch up and to hear stories...heard a lot of complaints from him regarding some "shits". Guess this is life. 

When there are shits in life, sometimes, all a friend could do is to offer a listening ear.

And perhaps a Beef Sirloin Spaghetti and "The Father - Chocolate" drink from Garage 51.

Tom and his birthday treats
Happy birthday Tom! 


  1. looks like a cool place and the food and drinks look really awesome!

    happy birthday to your friend :)


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