When running should be part of our lives

I've heard so many people complaining about difficulty in sleeping, feeling tired and fatigue all the time....and these people, most of the time are the people that find it difficult to spare themselves 30 minutes for physical activities like running or walking. Trust me, I know, because my girlfriend and most of my family members are also like that. Most people would just lie on the couch, turn on the remote control and woila, the screen entertainment! 

While watching movies and dramas with loved ones are great, I think it is essential to make exercise a habit...running for one, should be part of our lives. With the invention of vehicles, mankind has sort to speed things up but neglect the need for more movement with their legs. We travel from one place to another with our cars and we hardly move around in office (especially for those who face their PC/laptop the whole day). This makes running even more important in our lives.

Running should be part of our lives

I've been in the gym for a while now. While I wanted to build a slightly bigger and muscular body, I believe the core is the most important. My stamina, fitness and all that....and I build all that with running. 

Even when I was focusing on my chest or biceps or other parts, I make sure that I started off with running, sometimes running at 1km in 5 minutes, sometimes doing a 10 to 15 minutes run, while other times making a 5km run. 

For my family members, girlfriend or friends, if you have not been running for a while, maybe it's time to take out your highly invested Nike or Adidas shoe and start running. It's cheap, effective and great for your body and mind. 

I seriously can't think of any reason why anyone would choose the couch over running when the benefits are obvious. 


  1. I agree with you on the need to exercise..I have been wanting to buy an exercising bicycle for years now but still have not done so..I really need to make a point to exercise, hopefully soon.

  2. Oops, I'm one guilty fellow! Hahaha!


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