FitnessProject: Back to Training

New Year, new job, new environment....busy busy busy....and all the excuses are coming out for me to skip training. To skip running. To skip my workout...but it took a bit of discipline to tell myself: It's time to go back to training. Enough of Rest.

That's what I did.

I'll be lying if I said it's not tiring. Anyway, here's how I got myself started....went to the gym after I reached KL from Ipoh. My neighbor was using the trackmill so I decided to play with the weights instead.

Started with some stretching

I am a believer in stretching...probably due to my training back in my secondary school when I learned martial arts, Wushu. My "sifu" always get us started with a lot of stretching. Honestly, I felt so old now that I'm 28. I've left my WUSHU days so many years ago....and yes, the stretching do its' trick. It helps me to be ready for my next 30 minutes training.


I also do rope skipping as part of the warm up as well. I didn't do too long...two sets of 1 minute.


I decided to get back into training with a full body workout and go for a 3 sets, taking 15lbs on each sides before finishing the last set with a 25lbs weight.

Go in by focusing on my biceps and triceps. Going for 12 repetitions on my first 2 sets, before ending the last set with 8 reps using a heavier weight. 

During the interval, I did some sit ups and leg lifts.

After that, I go for my shoulder and chest. Similar routine but I did some rope skipping and stretching during the interval as well.

After that, it's still chest and some squat. 

I just feel it's great to be back training. No photo or anything at the moment as my only intention of keeping it in the blog is to encourage others and myself to keep health as a priority. Will be focusing on improving my fitness.