10 Minutes Workout: Build Six Pack

Recently I was doing a 10 minutes workout by focusing on my abs, hoping to build six pack. Haha!! I'm not sure how consistent I can be but here was my last posting on the workout:

10 Minutes Workout Guide: Abdomen

I have been doing it for like 5 days now but it doesn't get easier especially when there is no rest day.

Anyway, here is the video that I got from Youtube and honestly, it's kinda embarrass when I struggle to continue after the 1st set while the lady seems to be able to do it just fine for the 2 sets.


I know that some of you might think of this as simple at first glance but doing it for 10 minutes and consistently on a daily basis is definitely a difficult task.

Nevertheless, hopefully the video will inspire you to continue with your workout and if this works for you, just keep doing it.