Bought a Surface Pro 4...

Surface Pro 4 is a device that I've always wanted for a long time and finally I've got myself one. I also bought the Type Cover and the docking as well.

This is the device that Microsoft claims as the "tablet that replace your laptop"

Anyway I have yet to get the Type Cover as there aren't any stock at the moment, at least there isn't any black color so I'll make do without the keyboard at the moment.

Will start using it and update the usage of the Surface Pro.

As for now, here are some of the photos...

Took a photo before unboxing it.

before unboxing it

This is the Surface Dock that I got as well....close to RM600 and the tablet can be turn into a laptop with all the right and necessary ports for a laptop.

Surface Dock

And here is the Surface Pro 4....

The Surface Pen has that magnet to stick nicely next to the Pro 4.

Too bad I couldn't take a photo with Type Cover at the moment and the blogging experience using the virtual keyboard is not as good as it would have been with a real keyboard.

Anyway so far the user experience has been quite satisfying. Will be blogging more bout it once I use it more for my daily works.