Microsoft brings us holographic communication similar to Star Wars: Holoportation

Microsoft is getting better at DEMO
Microsoft just makes holographic communication a reality
Microsoft used to be suck at showing off the features of their new products but these days, they are definitely doing a much better job at demonstration these days, especially when it comes to Hololens.

And they are totally enjoying it when they bring us what is known as "Holoportation". It sounds like some serious shit and they definitely shows it in a very great demonstration....almost like the ones we have seen on Star Wars.

The frustration is the need for the rest of us to wait for Hololens to stop being a research projects.

And you can even minimize it from real life size. What a demo...

I think it looks so much like a Jedi console meeting. Just freaking cool!

Can't wait to see what else they are capable of.

Check out the video yourself here...