Project Fitness: Just Do It

Sometimes it all comes down to just do it.

I haven't been too consistent with my workout and exercise routine because of my new job that has different and odd working hours at times. It still takes a bit of time to get used to it but I kept myself going into it...although it's probably not as effective as a planned workout for the week.

However, today I'm inspired by my neighbor. This lady, probably in her mid thirties I suspect, was in the gym each time I went for it and she was really consistent. Running on the track, doing some light workout (I can see that her workout was aim at her ab muscles) and even swimming as well.

I am motivated.

Sometimes you just need to go for it

I have friends and family members who tell me that over-workout is bad for health but most ignore the fact that we never even run for 30 minutes a day. (how could it be overdoing it??!!)

And then there are the "devils" whispers that talked about leaving it for another day.

I managed to finish my exercise today. A 1.5km run with a complete body-workout. Definitely tiring, takes a bit of time but worth every second of it.


  1. Yes Just do it and it will be done..

    1. Thanks for the comment! Hopefully can maintain the momentum!


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