Project Fitness: Doing it when you don't feel like it

It is easy to overlook the need for exercise and come out with excuses that are valid....strong reasons for not doing so. 

I went for a working trip in Bali, for a Huawei's Consumer business group conference and see the launch of their latest P9 series and I realized that traveling indeed make it harder for one to exercise.

I left my sports shoe at home and couldn't use the gym for running but I make sure I continue with the workout in the 'Seven - 7 Minute of Workout Challenge' app. While I think it's not enough, it's at least better than me not doing anything at all.

Recently, been a bit busy due to workload and studies so I have to cut down on my exercise timing as well but while busy, yesterday I hit the gym and run for 10 minutes, a 1.81 km. It was perhaps one of the worst timing I ever had but it's still better than me lying and enjoying on the couch. 

1.81 km in 10 minutes

It is perhaps easy and more encouraged if we see improvements but sometimes when you're busy or just not in the mood, the best thing you could do is really to just do it, and keep doing it.

It's when you're doing it when you don't feel like it that makes all the difference.

Anyway, I wanted to sweat a little more so I go for a 5 minutes of cycling as well, making a 2km distance in that time.

I find the workout in the Seven app to be pretty useful so I keep doing it.

Managed to do a two circuits. 

31% level already, another 69% to go to reach "Athlete" level according to the app
The next time you think that you don't have enough time for exercise, just look at the many times you chill at the coffee shops or the times you spent on the TV. 

It's really not about not having enough's more about the decision to do it when you don't feel like it.


  1. 7 months challenge, it take really persistency to do it. Salute.



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