Project Fitness: Run and total body workout

Project Fitness is not something that I aim for short-term but rather it's something that is continuous.

Today, I decided to kick start a new routine into the Project: 


Having seen other people demoralized after failing to meet a certain target, I think it's time to get back to basics. 

Unlike trying to run a 10km or a 5km, a 30 minutes run is a run that is based on a period of time. It's something that everyone could do, and all you have to do is set aside 30 minutes a day for it....if you are tired, you could walk for 30 minutes...all you need to do is give and commit the 30 minutes in trying to run or walk. 

Here is what I got for the day, 5.44km in 30 minutes.

5.44 km in 30 minutes
In addition to that, I found a very cool app: Seven - 7 Minute of Workout Challenge.

It's one of the few apps that I find to be truly useful in making one fitter. Unlike fitbit or any other wearables, this app doesn't track my data but helped to guide me in my workout. It has a voice over and gave a guide on some simple workouts....12 to be exact, in 7 minutes 50 seconds (inclusive of the 10 seconds break in the interval).

12 workouts in 7 minutes 50 seconds