The 3km's a long way to go

I normally love to go for a 3km run on weekdays, where time are of concerns and schedule are a bit more tight. 

It's not going to take too long but the sweat will be great to keep me motivated. While I used to think that running 3km in about 15 minutes is pretty good, I realized there's a long way to improve and go from here.

I've been reading about people pushing for under 12 minutes in a 3km run. And apparently, 3km in my latest timing that I did: 14mins 52 seconds, it's considered slow, slightly above average...fall under the 50 to 60 percentile. 

3km run
It's kinda demotivating at times but I've also seen people running for 30 minutes without hitting that 3km mark and yet they never gave up. I think the whole idea is about going further, even if it's slightly better.

A lot of people misunderstood fitness as bodybuilding or health as fitness. If you are aiming for health, then 30 minutes a day is great enough regardless of your speed because it's better than sleeping on the couch and snacking. (that's what I always tell Yenleng about and she said I nag!). If you are looking for fitness, it should be about an overall training...running, weights, etc....not for a nice body (it's definitely a bonus) but to improve on things. 

And yes, a friend asked me once....what's the goal? It's obviously becoming fitter....hitting a better timing if possible, going an extra distance, lifting a slightly heavier weight, stretching a little further. 

Anyway, will keep it short. Time to get back to study. Like I said, tight schedule!