High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

I decided to try something different today by going for what some of the experts call “High Intensity Interval training” (HIIT). It’s more like a circuit except that the training are pretty intensive in those circuits. I’ve read some from the internet and decided to model one based on what I could do and what I have.

I am a believer of cardio so running was part of it and I decided to make it the core of the HIIT that I did today.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

For the benefits of those who are not aware of how HIIT works, here’s a simple example.

The core exercise is the one that one will go to after every interval. In between, there are the sub workouts. Meaning, I start with a core workout then I move to my sub workout 1, then I go back to my core before moving to my sub workout 2 and it continues.

Anyway, here is my HIIT for today

Core workout: Running 2 minutes at about 13km/hour, making it about 400meter each set. (slightly more than that).

For the subworkouts, I’ve done 3 sets for each of these sub workouts and in between each sets, I took a 10 to 20 seconds break.

Sub Workout 1: Seated concentration dumbbell curve
Sub Workout 2: Triceps dumbbell kickstand
Sub Workout 3: Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Sub Workout 4: Dumbbell Bench Press and dumbbell incline fly
Sub Workout 5: Squat 10x

Honestly by the time I finished the workout, I’m half dead. It wasn’t a very long workout with about 30 minutes in total but I felt like I’m done for the day.

I hope you get the idea and create a workout that suits you based on your current physical condition and your goals.