Track your run

One of the biggest problem is how to motivate oneself during intense and monotonous weeks of training or running?

Staying motivated during training is a challenge for beginners and the most experienced runners alike. 

For beginners, plowing through those early, tough runs when you feel slower than everyone around you is a tough proposition. However, even experienced, elite runners have difficulty with staying motivated at times. When the schedule calls for an eighth week at 100 plus miles in single-degree temperatures, or you're toiling for months without budging your personal bests, getting excited about training is like trying to get pumped up for another Monday at the office.

Like any of these runners, I have my fair shared of struggles. Occasionally I win the battle in my mind. Sometimes, I lose. But I realize keeping track of my run helps me to stay focus. To know where am I from my goals....which is why the fitness tracker has been so god damn popular nowadays. 

Anyway, since I don't believe in spending so much on what I believe as basic needs, I do keep track of my run but with an Excel spreadsheet instead.

Here's the link where you can also download the spreadsheet if you are interested. (hopefully it's useful and easy to use for you)

Running Tracker (Excel spreadsheet)

While it's probably not the most convenient way to keep track since you have to key in your run everyday but I do have my Instagram account to follow up on my run it makes the data entry something of a weekly task that could be done in bout 5 minutes. 

If you think it's too troublesome, maybe spending about RM400 on a fitness tracker would be a good move. Because keeping track of your run helps you stay focus when you are astray. No doubt, it won't be able to keep you excited bout your run and training all the time but the ability to see your improvement will help to keep you going when the going gets tough.

So, if you haven't done it yet, then it's time to keep track of your run.