Weekend Coffee - The Good Batch

Today I went for a dinner and coffee session at this place, The Good Batch, somewhere in Damansara Uptown with Yen Leng.

It is not the most grand place but we thought of trying something new.

I remembered people sharing with me about Starbucks coffee being expensive at about RM12 per cup...

But it's not like these ones are any cheaper. I had a cappuccino at RM12 but it's also at a much smaller size.

Of course, price aside, it's not that bad.


They call this food the "Angmoh" but it really ain't something worth RM29.

Here are the drinks:

Overall, it's really quite okay but not the best place to chill and hangout nonetheless. 

For the price, I could easily find other better place.

But I still have a great night.