FeedLab [Review]


You are working on a project for tomorrow's deadline but you have yet to read the remaining two articles on the results on the test. You notice that there are 250 unread emails on your inbox. You sigh as your phone buzz, another notification telling you that a new email has arrived. Your boss ask you if you have read the latest news on the company that will be listed end of the year. 

Does this scenario felt like something that you have go through? Well, probably not in the same way but with the same amount of information that you have to digest on a daily basis. In an era where information is at your fingertip, sometimes things might not be as simple as it seems. I find that there are tonnes of emails being sent in on a daily basis. It is almost difficult to filter our what's important and what's not. Even when I read news on a corporate latest development, there are a few different news telling me the same thing. For example, when I go to TheEdgeMarkets, I might read the same thing from what I've seen in Bloomberg, The Star or even News Strait Times earlier....all of which telling me the same thing in a different way. Well, it's good for reading but sometimes, you just don't have time for it. 

And here's where technology becomes even more important, to help you filter and easily decide on what to read and what to pass on. Instead of struggling to stuff all the information and details into one's head, it helps to easily read what's important details, figures and data. 

I came across this Feedly and subscribe to obtain the feeds from some of the websites and pages that I frequently visited for information.

You may go to Feedly website here.

Feedly website

But the bad thing about being a Windows 10 mobile user is the lack of apps. There is no official website from Feedly. Thankfully, there are third party apps...and the one that I am using is known as FeedLab.

You can find Feedlab on Windows store

Feedlab logo when I open the app
Well, FeedLab is an unofficial Feedly client for Windows phone. I would agree with the description on its app: an indispensable companion to read all my RSS feeds. 

Before I go to the good side of things though, I must said that the layout doesn't look too modern. Flipboard is one of those app with a cooler and attractive layouts and design. Another disappointing element of the app is the fact it is only available for mobile device. Seriously, we need more universal apps. 

Anyway, back to Feedlab itself, there are a few things that I love about it. The categories that could be easily customized is one of the things that I love about Feedlab. As you can see, I've got a few categories here, that allows me to easily look into what I really need to read. If I'm free, I'll look at Microsoft, ManUnited and CoffeeConversation categories more often. Otherwise, I would just focus on the important categories. 

easily customized categories
I could also choose color for the groupings of these categories. It is really to easy and simple to do so, and I've got Bloomberg in green here and ManUnited in red. It's easier for the brain to digest the information as well. Each of the new feeds have a small thumbnail photos, hearder and some short writeup, which is a good way for me to know whether I should read more or skip it. I could easily swipe to the left, to mark it as read, and move on. 

Different color for categories
When I press on the category itself, it will bring me to the category page itself. It is very useful if there are a lot of feeds within that category itself.

And here is why the app could be so important. The other day while I was very busy with the urgent workloads in office (work that demand attention immediately and get it done NOW), I didn't manage to read any of the feeds for a few hours and here is what FeedLab notify me about: 815 articles waiting to be read

This is important to me I feel. There are tonnes of information available to us everyday, a lot of them useful and a lot of them requires our attention but we could only absorb as much as we could as a human being. With FeedLab, I could concentrate on a fewer articles (815 according to the notification), looking into the headers, swiping left whenever I find it irrelevant and only reading it when it's something that is important. 

Love the app so far. It has never hang or freeze. Notifications were constant, as according to my settings. It also didn't eat too much of the battery even though I have requested for notifications every 15 minutes. I think I could set it to a less frequent mode once I adjust to it. 

I would definitely think this app is a must-have for all Windows phone user.