"Pikachu mission" on Merdeka day

"Pokemon Go" has been a hit for a while now and Nicole was caught in the trend of course. I don't play with the game since I'm using a Microsoft Lumia 950 but we decided to go on a "Pikachu mission" for her since it was a public holiday in Malaysia for our independence day. 
"Pikachu mission"
After we had our brunch, we headed to what was known to the locals as the "Pikachu's nest" at the Taman Jaya park, which is very near to the Bangunan Tenaga Nasional Bhd. (TNB is the only electric utility company in Malaysia...most likely why it is chosen as the nest for Pikachu).

It was at about 1 plus in the afternoon and true to the rumours, Malaysians have decided to go outdoors in the park because of Pikachu. (Imagine how effective a game as such in comparison to all the health talks)

Anyway, here is a snapshot of what was it looked like in the afternoon.

Panoramic view of the park

Here are some of my observations:

1) Even though it's sunny, people don't care, because it's Pikachu. 

Everyone just don't bother to find a shelter because they are busy catching "Pikachu"

2) Kids are left to play on their own in the park, while adults glued to their smartphone in search of Pikachu...Just some random shots that I took but one of it was looking at the phone while his daughter (probably) playing a horse rocker at the side...Another guy was just checking his smartphone while his son (looks like it) in a superman's costume and cape. [No intention of saying that these people are irresponsible parents. They probably are taking their kids out to have a great time. Just a note that everyone seem to be so caught up with the "Pikachu" hype based on the photos]

Shot 1

Shot 2

3) A lot of people just want to catch "Pikachu" for the sake of it, neglecting the Augmented Reality (AR) is what makes the "Pokemon Go" an entire different experience. I have seen so many people (Nicole included) that try to catch as many Pikachus, Dragonites, etc....for the sake of it, without AR or any intention to grasp these phenomenal experience.

Anyway, this was what I got Nicole to do before she catch the Pikachu. Photos of us with it on the AR mode.

It felt kinda weird to have a snapshot without knowing where "Pikachu" was (the AR experience)

But being the photographer was more fun, because it looks really lively and real next to Nicole

Pikachu is really kinda adorable
Anyway since the first snapshot of me with Pikachu in the park was kinda ugly, we somehow (luckily) managed to get another chance when we were at the Sunway Pyramid in the evening after our "Pikachu mission".

This time, I'm more prepared to take a photo with an invisible Pikachu.

I managed to smile as though as I was taking photo with a good friend. Too bad Pikachu was in a bad mood [fail]

Second shot: I managed to continue my smile and Pikachu was smiling happily next to me [Success]

And yes, it looks like Pikachu finally become my good friend. 


Nicole was obviously happy because she managed to catch Pikachu, finally (lol! I can't believe she took so long to catch the most important character in the Pokemon story). It was a great time out and it was a great way to encourage her to walk around more. (outdoor in the park...come on, she hardly moves without these kind of motivations)

As for myself, I realized one important thing about AR. It's the ability to see it blended with reality (although it's not really there). Taking the photo next to something invisible or something that is actually not there but exist only in the virtual realm was an awkward experience. Seeing it was of course an entirely different experience. I also think a lot of these tech could transformed social experience in a dramatic way. Of course, a lot of people opted to off the AR mode to save battery and just catch as many Pokemons; just to show it on the web or their friends. (pointless in my view but have no offense against those who prefer that)

It was definitely a great way to spend the weekend with Nicole. An outdoor experience, sort of at least....