Project Fitness [Sep 13]

I managed to make a 4km run in 21 minutes today. Nothing to shout about but it's great to just go for a run.

4km run in 21 minutes

The idea is to lose off the belly so that I could have a Ronaldo-physique to show off. Haha! Just kidding on this but it will be a bonus if that really happens.

Anyway, it is not just the run that I did. I had a 10 minutes sauna session in my condo after my run. It was quite relaxing and a great way to start the day.

In terms of food, i had oats and half-boiled eggs for my breakfast. As for lunch, I ate a beef noodle and the egg tart. Drink a cup of coffee (+ sugar and milk). 

The dinner was the worst though. I worked night shift this week so I actually ate pretty late. Probably it was the gastric and the headache, I didn't manage to finish my maggi goreng ayam. In fact, I only eat a spoonful of it. At the end of the day, I even vomited when I got home. 

It was most likely due to the bad migraine that I had, but I'll need to plan my diet better moving forward. Probably gonna bring along the apple that Yen Leng bought. 

Hopefully could have a better run moving forward. Check out my run on Sep 14


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