Project Fitness [Sep 14]

Today was better. I managed to go for a 5km run in 28 minutes 10 seconds. Not that it is my best timing or my worst but I feel it’s great to have a certain sense of consistency, which I did recently. 

ProjectFitness: 5km in 28mins 10secs

Decided to blog about it as well since I believe everyone needs a bit of motivation to push themselves a little harder. If you have not been running for years now, going for 1km in 30 minutes is as good as what I did. 

Even if you decided to just walk for 30 minutes, it is an improvement than just lying down on the couch. I think what’s important is to do it more often. 

A lot of us are so used to blaming work and a lack of time as an excuse for not being able to exercise. Choice and an intentional effort must be made to make all these changes. 


Anyway, I was not in the gym just for run today. I managed to focus a bit on weight lifting with the dumbbells in the gym. Not the strongest person so I went with 25lbs, focusing on the biceps, triceps and shoulder. I also did 15 times of sit ups, 3 sets and also burpee for 10 times, 3 sets. Overall, spent about 15 to 20 minutes on the workout.


As for my diet, I have a bit of a change today. I ate the oats + milo before I hit the gym in the morning since I hardly eat anything yesterday after I vomited. After my workout, I made myself two half-boiled eggs and drink a few glasses of water.

For my lunch, I had something heavier, curry chicken rice. Throughout the day, drank two cups of coffee while working (both with sugar and milk). As for dinner, I ordered one fried chicken, two half-boiled eggs and coffee ice, making it my third coffee. Not the healthiest diet to follow but I think given the situation and environment I’m in, it’s really not bad. 

Hoping to keep up the consistency in both my workouts, running and blogging as well.