SMS with Skype?

Just recently, Microsoft has decided to launch a new feature for Skype...a SMS feature.
Honestly I was very excited about it initially because of the ability to sync these messages across devices.
But when I look into the details, it doesn't appear to be that interesting anymore. In fact, I'm rather disappointed. One of the reasons was that when you use the SMS feature on your PC, you will only be able to send the SMS with Skype credit. I thought it would make better sense to charge it to the mobile carriers or utilize on the existing plan with the mobile carrier. Why pay extra for the SMS feature? Honestly, I hardly use SMS now and most people opt for free messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and even Skype. It's already very difficult to get people to use SMS....and you expect people to get the Skype credit for the SMS messaging feature. Rather lame.
But then again, it might be useful for people who wants to send a text while at outstation. This is probably the only scenario that make sense but then again, Skype is only useful with internet connection. I would still rather opt for free messaging services than to use SMS.

I found this under the Support section in Skype and this really turn me off: The person you send the SMS to won't be able to reply you on Skype. However, if you change your caller ID so it shows your mobile number instead of your Skype Name, they can reply to your text. The reply will go to your phone, not Skype.
I just don't understand why don't they just allow options for the users. Anyway, SMS with Skype? Will you use the feature? Is it of any good? I'm not so sure but for now, I'm sticking with WhatsApp.