Webe - unlimited data, calls, sms

I never believe this until I see it with my own eyes. 

There is a new digital mobility services provider that offers connectivity in a whole new way. We have heard of Maxis One Plan, Digi unlimited call, 7G, 8G (whatever Gig) SmartPlan, Umobile Video ONz, Celcom Gold plan or whatever....

But here is the new player that is about to change the game...Webe, one plan with no contracts, no limit for data, calls or even sms, and it's for nationwide service...only at RM79

webe mobile plan

So, what's the catch?

There doesn't seem to have anything suspicious other than advertised but it is only on an invite basis at this point of time, exclusively for TM and P1 broadband services. 

So, what happens if you are not invited?

For now, you are unable to subscribe to our plan without an invitation from webe. Please register your interest with us in the invitation site and we'll definitely contact you when the plan is available for public.

For those of you who are not aware of webe, it is the re-branded Packet One networks (P1) under Telekom Malaysia (TM). 

TM has acquired P1 in 2014 and with this, it will mark the entry of TM into the mobile space after eight-year absence. 

With competition getting hot among the mobile players such as Maxis, DiGi, Celcom, UMobile, consumers like you are I bound to gain. Can't wait til the invitation being open to the public. I have registered my interest with webe. 

Have you? 


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