Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition connects the dots

I have just watched Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition recently and it offers some insights to the movie that was released in the cinema this year. The Ultimate Edition helps to connect the dots and give a clearer picture as compared to the one released on the big screen. And the movie becomes a lot more realistic and less like one that skipped from one scene to the next.

Batman V Superman
The Africa sequence tells the missing dots

In the movie version, Superman shows up to rescue Lois Lane from the Nairobi rebel general, and then we were back to the United States, where Superman has been blamed for slaughtering innocent people near the base. 

Lois Lane

And there were a lot of missing pieces that fail to connect properly, making it looks like a movie that skipped from one scene to the next. 

So here's what the ultimate edition helps me to understand: the general and his forces were waging a civil war against the Nairobi government, and the United States had a neutral stance on the war. Jimmy Olsen was sent to negotiate an "arrangement" but his offer is refused. US command then launches a drone strike at the base but Superman destroys it before it hits. 

Before Superman arrived to save Lois Lane, Anatoli Kynazev and his men have killed the other terrorists and nearby innocents. They also used a flamethrower to cover their tracks and make it look as though Superman killed them with his heat vision. (that's why Superman was blamed and the Senate hearing has to begin). From Batman Vs Superman (Ultimate Edition), we also see that Kahina, the Nairobi woman who testified against Superman before Senator Finch, was actually threatened and paid off by Lex Luthor, and was eventually being "taken care" by Anatoli.

In case, if you forgot who's Anatoli, here's an image of the villain.

Clark Kent Investigating In Gotham City

Before battling Batman directly, Superman opted to take on the Caped Crusader as Clark Kent, Daily Planet journalist. 

The Ultimate Edition shows Superman as someone who learns more about Batman from citizens instead of judging from afar. In the process, an elderly man tells Clark he'd be wise to leave the city before dark, otherwise he might run into "him," a.k.a. Batman. Another neighbor tells him that the only people who should be afraid of Batman are those who have a reason to fear him. This gives moviegoers a much clearer reason for why Clark sets his sights on Batman, learning from others what kind of a brutal man he is.

Bat-brand victim

I think the Ultimate Edition added an important element into the story, which tells us why Superman was willing to engage with Batman directly. 

Cesar Santos was the criminal in the beginning of the movie who was branded by Batman. In Ultimate Edition, it expanded on it. We already knew that the Bat-brand was a death sentence if one has it in prison but it also makes for suitable cover for pulling off a sinister assassination. The Ultimate Edition shows Anatoli paying off one of Cesar's fellow inmates, and later, that same man stabs Cesar to death during recreation time. 

Just as in the movie, Clark is sent pictures of Cesar by Lex Luthor, but this time, one of the photos is of his corpse. With that, Clark goes to Gotham City to learn about the death of Cesar an while police are not being cooperative, Clark saw Cesar's girlfriend and son. She tells him that the police know the brand means eventual murder, but they won't do anything about it. Clark wants to help by telling her story via The Daily Planet

"Talk to me. Help me change it," Clark told her.

She responded, saying, "With what? Your pen? A man like that, words don't stop him. You know what stops him? A fist."

This explains why the Superman engage with Batman.

Batman first meet with Superman
After the bombing

After the bombing scene in the movie on the big screen, Superman was shown standing as the only survivor from the center, devastated that he didn't see the attack coming. 

The Ultimate Edition shows an expansion from here, with wounded being attended to while body bags are being spread out. Superman helps out as best he can by flying victims to the paramedics, but at this point, there's not much he can do. As he was horrified and devastated that he could stopped the bombing, he flies off, leading the media to question whether his exit means that he had some kind of connection to the bombing.

LOIS LANE's investigative work is top notch

If you are a fan of Superman's lover, this is one of the part that you would love and it also explains a lot about the whole story and how Lex has been working on creating the battle between the two superheroes. 

Lois Lane was able to get into Wallace Shawn's apartment while police are trying to figure out the connection between superman and the bombing. The apartment was filled with bombing materials, suggesting that Wallace has been planning on it, but there are still a few things that aren't making sense to Lois, such as Wallace's refrigerator that is stocked with fresh groceries. Since it's not normal for someone who intend to commit suicide to buy a lot of food before death, it suggests that Wallace wasn't as much of a willing participant as the cinema version implied. He didn't detonate the bomb himself. Lex Luthor (or one of his goons) did. 

Lois later gets a call from Jenet Klyburn, who tells her that Wallace's wheelchair was lined with lead, the only material that Superman's X-ray vision can't see through. That's why the Man of Steel wasn't able to prevent the bombing. He didn't even know a bomb was there, but regardless, his reputation has still been damaged.

Steppenwolf's Cameo

This is one of the most important scene in the Ultimate Edition as it reveals what's next for Justice League. In Ultimate Edition, it shows a SWAT team searching for Lex Luthor aboard the Kryptonian ship. They soon find him communicating with a monstrous alien via hologram, who dissipates when the officers arrive. If the news are right, it is Steppenwolf, the main antagonist in Justice League next year. It also clears up and explains what Lex was babbling about in prison. He was communicating with Steppenwolf, presumably learning about the Mother Boxes and Steppenwolf's plans to invade our world.