ezbuy makes it easy to buy

Recently, I have come across an online platform called ezbuy Malaysia that makes it possible for purchase from overseas such as in China, US and even Taiwan.

Tried shopping with ezbuy

Before this, I used to access through Taobao website to buy stuff from China but most of the time, I would have to do it with a friend who knows Mandarin. Coming from an English school, it’s rather troublesome especially it means I won’t be able to use the search function and needs to have a friend to accompany me. ezbuy is available in a few languages, including Bahasa Melayu and English. Using the search feature, I could key in certain English keywords to help me find the products that I need.

One of the recent experience was when I was trying to search my Surface pen after I lost it. It took forever for me to find it on the Taobao website but I could easily found it using the search feature in ezbuy. It really helps to make it more convenient to buy something.
Signing up for the online platform is also easy-peasy as I would only need to connect with my Facebook account. In comparison with Taobao, it took me forever.

Here is one of the best selling items that I bought from ezbuy.

Best seller

It is the desktop charging station. Honestly, I have been looking for it for some time with Taobao for my Surface Pro 4 and other gadgets. It’s a headache because I have to wait for my friend to help me find it as I don’t understand Mandarin. ezbuy has made it easier and faster for me to get it.

Along with the desktop charging station, I bought the Pokemon Pikachu and Charizard plush doll. In total, it costs me about RM82 only. Felt like a bargain for me. ;-)

Perhaps, one of the best thing that I love about ezbuy is the local support. With the local customer service, it makes it easier for after sales support such as for tracking of parcels as well as report for damaged and even missing parcel. I have tried the sales support and it’s way better than what I’m getting from Taobao.

While I’m not sure why it is so difficult to obtain response from online platform like Taobao, ezbuy has been very responsive in relation to logistic issue.

For those of you who wants to enjoy unlimited international shipping at affordable price, being a Prime member with ezbuy Malaysia would do for you. Prime is one of the membership program that is exclusively available for ezbuy existing customers. By being a member, one would enjoy RM8.80 unlimited international shipping. For those of you who love to buy taobao or US brand, it would be a great deal as the benefit will be available for over a year and is unlimited regardless of the parcel’s total quantity, weight or size.       
If you are not an online shopper of you have never try Taobao before because of the complexity of the website as well as the language barrier, ezbuy could be a good choice for you, and I’ve got a good news for you.

Register now and get RM15 voucher and start your shopping today.

You could also enjoy 15% off shipping fee using this code: ezsp15

For more information and details on ezbuy, you may go to their website: 

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