Microsoft Surface invitation sent out

Today, I received an email from Microsoft Surface, asking if I'm ready for Microsoft event tomorrow. 

The email asked us to tune in to see what's next for Windows 10. 

It will be interesting given that the Windows 10's universal app idea might have failed given the lack of users in the mobile space. It is also uncertain if Windows phone will make an appearance for the event tomorrow and the focus might be on the new Surface.

Here are some of the expectations based on news and rumors circulating around the web.

New Surface Book and more Pro devices

This is the top of the list expectations as the online community is convinced that Microsoft will update its existing hardware lineup in the hybrid devices.

With the Surface Book laptop reaching a one year old now, it is likely that Microsoft will update its first ever in-house computing device to the second generation. It is likely that the new Surface Book will see numerous upgrades from the original with some improved display, better hardware and longer battery life.

The latest Pro device, Surface Pro 4 was launched a year ago and we might see the next Pro line up. Pricing for the Surface Book and Pro 4 would likely to see a reduction in price with the launched of these new devices.

The Surface Desktop 

We have seen this around for a bit now and raising our suspicion that Microsoft will introduce a new product category for the Surface devices. 

A new all-in-one (AIO) desktop computer under the Surface branding is apparently being prepped for release, offering a powerful alternative to the Surface Book. Bringing together powerful hardware and the latest version of Windows 10, the Surface AIO could operate as a home hub, or as the ideal addition to an office environment.

A report from The Verge said that the new device will include either a 24 inch or 27 inch display with a hinged design that will let it lay flat on a desk. 

New accessories to ride on Surface brand

Rumors have been saying that Microsoft will introduce new accessories, riding on the Surface brand...a Surface brand keyboard is likely to make it to the event. 

It could also a new upgraded Surface pen or a new type cover keyboard.

More on Hololens

With Microsoft Hololens being one of the coolest device available in the market, it is likely that Microsoft will show more of Hololens to the crowd along with some of the updates on the device. 

The Hololens experience is the most likely one that will appear and it's interesting to see what's new with the device. 

A possibility of a sneak preview of the next-generation Hololens? I think it might be too early for that but who knows for sure right?

Surface Phone?

Ruling out Surface Phone? Well, the online community is rather divided on this view as most people felt that Microsoft might give a surprise on this one. 

Nonetheless, I doubt so but it's likely that Microsoft will show off HP Elite X3 in the event to promote Windows 10 mobile.

Well, that's all we could think of, folks. It's definitely exciting days ahead with Microsoft and hopefully, the event will paint a clearer picture on how Windows 10 will play a role in the mobile space, wearables and IoT. Can't wait for the event to start.

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