Paint has an update: Paint 3D

Microsoft is introducing an update to its Paint. Yes, who knows that Paint would be cool right?

I always use it for simple editing unlike some of the pros who would go for the Adobe Photoshop but it looks like Microsoft's upgrade on Paint is making it cool again.

Paint 3D: Bring your ideas to life in 3D

The new version of Paint makes it easy to build, handle and show off 3D models that mix together real-world imagery and computer-generated graphics.

An on-stage demonstration of 3D Paint showed how a stylus could be used to draw 2D graphics that were automatically given depth. Photographic elements and movements could also be added to drawings.

Well, I'm not sure about you but I have never thought that Paint could be cool again but Microsoft just did it. 


  1. kids would love this Paint 3D software. Do we have to buy it or can download it from some play store or apps store ?


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