Hong Kong Trip: Tiring and expensive but a memorable experience

The Hong Kong trip that I went with my family and Nicole was an experience that is exhausting and expensive but the journey was one filled with magical moments.

I went to Hong Kong for about a week and have not been writing, blogging, reading or exercising during that time but it was even more tiring than my usual working days. The trip was one filled with a lot of walking, playing, eating, and exploring.

I will keep the itinerary for another post but to share more on the experience here.


A lot of people have been telling me that disneyland in Hong Kong is not worth the money because it's small but I honestly think it was a great experience for me. 

In fact, we were not able to explore all the attractions in one day. Regretted that I didn't buy the two days experience in Disneyland. Anyway, for me, the fireworks at the closing was one of the best fireworks experience for me. "Disney in the stars Fireworks" was simply was awesome. 

It was drizzling during that time. Imaging having to capture the photos in the rain...a lot of people were trying to capture the moments while holding onto an umbrella, which was a bit of an annoyance to me.

Anyway, I think the photos or video could do justice to it. I'm not someone who is very artistic or who's capable of enjoying and embracing something as beautiful as this, but the fireworks, music, and lighting brought the fairy tales story that we have watched and seen when we were kids into reality.

Besides the fireworks, another highlight would be the "Flights of Fantasy Parade" during the day time. (Too bad that the night parade was cancelled due to the weather). Honestly, I think if you are a fan of Disney characters, these parades and fireworks itself should give you enough reason to experience it first hand. 

Trust me, the video did not fully reflect the experience of the parade.

Besides the fireworks and parades, there were also a lot of fun rides. (Please take note that I'm not an avid fan of rides but Disneyland has a lot of variety that caters for family and young ones as well). 

"Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover" experience is one of those that one must go for. The Hyperspace mountain ride was great and the thrills of the ride is accompanied by some shots, giving you an experience of a ride in a galaxy created by Disneyland Hong Kong. The ride itself was not as thrilling as some others that one could find but the experience was beautiful as it embedded a lot of Star Wars theme into it. It feels as though as you are riding in an automated spaceship with some laser battle surrounding you.

Below are some of the photos taken while we queue for our turn:

I took this during the ride...only managed to capture a small photo of the spaceship before the ride sped up.

Saw the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple for kids...which is kinda lame for me. There's no Darth Vader to take photo with but I manage to capture photos with Chewbacca and R2-D2, both of which look very real and into their characters.

Darth Vader in action

The Iron Man Experience was the biggest disappointment to me. It was the debut made in Disneyland Hong Kong but the ride was really quite lame. Too unexciting for my taste. Of course, the experience itself was real and not bad...it's just that having Jarvis conversed in Cantonese while Iron Man speaking in English...it's pretty lame. The ride was so so...definitely not the best for my interest. The ride is "Take Flight with Iron Man above Hong Kong"


We also managed to meet up with some of Disney characters for photo taking sessions although some of it really take a long time especially with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.


We went for both Disneyland and Ocean Park but Ocean Park's experience lagged behind Disney's but I wouldn't forget the dolphin show that we saw in Ocean Park. Honestly, it was breath-taking to see such a creature that could understand what humans are trying to do and cooperate with it, and the dolphins did it beautifully.


It's a place with a great view over Hong Kong and it brings me momentarily out of my busy work-life and view it from afar. To see all the lights in Hong Kong city from atop, it helps one to realize that life is too brief to be taken for granted. I honestly think it's a walk that everyone must go through....to see your busy life from afar. 


Not a big fan of Chinese food but I find the food in Hong Kong better than those that I had in Taiwan. Tried the famous roast goose, tan tart, and also some of its hawker food.

Dim sum


The famous roast goose

 Hong Kong hawker food


We also walked around Hong Kong including looking for a famous Starbucks Coffee "Bing Sutt" in Duddell Street. It was a Starbucks place with Hong Kong theme, although it took us a while to find it. 

There is also the Ladies Market. (It felt like a "pasar malam" to me though). Managed to get some stuff from there as well. (shopping is expensive in Hong Kong in my view). 

We also went to look for a hawker stall, walked around the "Lai Kwai Fong", and "Pottinger Street".


Macau is a beautiful place but it was one of the most tiring day because too much of walking in my trip to Macau. I didn't really spend my time in casino (only went to see for a while). Walked to a lot of places with beautiful architecture and learned of how Macau tried to imitate the beautiful architecture in the world. Even the imitation has such a beauty...imagine the real ones.

The food in Macau was okay and I loved the Portugese tart that we bought from Koi Kei. Anyone who go there must get one. 

The Ruins of St Paul was great but my leg was aching by the time I reached there. 

Loved the hotels there as well...big, spacious, beautiful but pricey. 

All in all, while it was an experience that is extremely tiring, lack of sleep and expensive, it was a worthwhile journey and experience that one should go for.