Digi's data sharing not working

Recently Digi.com has been a frustrating experience not just in terms of their data coverage but also their service.

If it were not for the contract that I took with them, i would have left for other telcos. The Digi's data sharing was set but my supplementary line still couldn't use it. When i called Digi service, i was informed that it is a technical issue and they would have to get back to me in 2 to 3 days. I think this is very bad to expect your customers not to use the internet for the next two to three days due to the Digi's own technical issue. They should at least enable an internet plan and connection for my supplementary line when they work on their own problems, which are growing every single day.

As you could see from the photos, the data sharing has been made available. And yet the internet connection is not working. Bad service, bad connection....my advice to those not tie to any contract, don't go for Digi.