Double Dowry story - Food for Thought

While I was retiring from my work today, I checked into my email to see if there was anything new. 

Seeing that there was no new email in my work inbox, I switched to my Google account, and I saw the monthly World Vision e-receipt.

I don't usually click on it but then something caught my eye: 

STORY OF THE MONTH: It is always encouraging to hear positive stories from our work in the field. To find out more, please click *Double Dowry* to read Story of the Month. 

Perhaps I was in need of something positive, a certain encouragement that there is more in this life. 

Double Dowry
It was a simple story about children below 18 being married off to a new family and home, only to realize that the husband is either a drunkard...but there is something positive about the story, there is a turnaround for the kid in the story. 

"Geeta's sister courageously exposed this treatment in a phone call to her parents. Now safely home, Geeta wants her life back. "It is very wrong to get children married off at an early age. Girls should get married only after 18," Geeta says.

It was a story of hope and change for Geeta and her sister, but beyond this story, it just show what a big world we are in. A lot of times, we thought our problems are the biggest in the universe and the universe revolves around us, not knowing that each and every single one of us is part of this bigger story. 

Are you feeling weary today? Do you feel stressed out from your work? Do you think that you have been unfairly treated and life is not just? Do you think that you deserved more?

Because yes, while you do deserve a break here and there, and everyone deserve a little better, have you ever wonder what about the person that has far less opportunity feel? Don't you think he or she deserve a little more? 

Perhaps life is more than you and I