Hong Kong Trip Feb 2017 - HK Day 1 Itinerary

Hong Kong Trip Itinerary Day 1
We were so excited about the Hong Kong trip and Nicole has been planning it since the day we booked the flight ticket. Based on weather forecast, the weather would be cooling, between 18 to 20+ degree Celcius, which is really nice for our trip that involves a lot of walking. (I felt so tired from walking that I posted about it on my previous post: Hong Kong Trip: Tiring and expensive but a memorable experience)

Anyway since a few of my friends have been asking about the trip, I decided to write a detailed post about our Hong Kong trip itinerary.

Hong Kong Trip Itinerary Day 1


Hong Kong

Airport Express Train

Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Soho

Dim Sum Square

Pottinger Street

Lan Kwai Fong

HK Day 1 - before flying

For this Hong Kong trip, we have chosen to fly with Malaysia Airlines (MAS), due to the promotion that is available at the time. We chose the MAS tickets, which cost us about RM702.90 per person. 

Our flight was at 2.30pm. While a lot of people planned for a night flight in order to have a full day ahead upon arrival, we decided to have an easy first night instead given that my parents were traveling with us, so it's best not to make the trip too taxing and tiring. 

Remember to check-in early online for MAS in order for you to choose the seatings. We did so in order for us to sit together during the flight.

HK Day 1 - reach Hong Kong

The flight took about 4 hours so we reached at about 6.30pm. My elder brother and second sister who arrived in Hong Kong about an hour plus earlier bought the Octopus card and sim card. The Octopus card can be obtained at the airport MTR station ticket office. The sim card can be purchased at HK$118 at any 7-eleven convenient store. It includes 5 GB data, HK$48 value and unlimited local calls for 8 days, which was more than enough to last for the whole Hong Kong trip for us.

In Hong Kong, the Octopus card gives you a lot of convenience when you’re taking public transports, similar to the "Touch n Go" in Malaysia. Plus, you could use it as a means of payment. My advice is to get an octopus card upon arrival.

HK Day 1 - from airport to hotel

Since there are seven of us traveling, the car that we book could only take six including our big luggage so Nicole and I took the Airport express train. You should try to get some of the tickets using an app called Klook because most of the tickets are slightly cheaper from there.

HK Day 1 - Hotel Review

Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Soho is where we stayed for the first few nights. The hotel is in Jervois Street and it's conveniently located at Sheung Wan, steps from Lan Kwai Fong and the central. It's also quite near the Sheung Wan MTR Station.

HK Day 1 - Dinner

After we have checked in our stuff to the hotel, we went for our dim sum dinner at the Dim Sum Square located in Sheung Wan...very nearby. We need to wait for bout 5 minutes before we could get our seat (quite crowded inside).

Anyway, the dim sum here was slightly different from the ones I had back home in Malaysia but it's not bad. Love the "siu lung pau" although I don't understand why the "char siu pau" is so different in Hong Kong. We didn't eat too much also and I was shocked when the owner told me last order at 9.30pm. 

HK$267 for dim sum is pretty cheap for seven people but we only ordered about 10 stuff to eat. (Too bad I can't read Mandarin here).

HK Day 1 - Night Explore

Since it was still early, we decided to take a trip around the place....we managed to go to Pottinger Street and the famous Lan Kwai Fong. 

Seriously, the thing about Hong Kong is that the roads seem rather dirty to me. (disappointed with it) and Lan Kwai Fong felt like a more "atas" Bukit Bintang area to me.

The good thing about walking around Hong Kong is the weather. It's just nice where you won't feel too hot, making it easy to walk around. It's not too cold either for us to walk around at night. As you can see from the photo, I was with a leather jacket while my brother was basically on his t-shirt only. Anyway Day 1 was the least walking among the other days that we spent in Hong Kong.

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