Hong Kong Trip Feb 2017 - HK Day 2 Itinerary

Hong Kong Trip Itinerary Day 2
As mentioned in the HK Day 1 Itinerary, we arrived at Hong Kong in the evening, so technically, we only spent our first night in Hong Kong. Day 2 was when we really start to explore Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Trip Itinerary Day 2

Breakfast @ Capital Cafe'

Golden Bauhunia Square

Ani-com Park @ Harbour Fun

Drop by @ Honolulu Coffee Shop to buy egg tarts

Lunch @ Kam's Roast Goose

Wan Chai Market

Blue House

Took the "Ding Ding" bus

Hong Kong Bing Sutt Style Theme Starbucks @ Duddell Street

The Peak Tram

The Victoria Peak

Dinner @ The Peak Lookout

Capital Cafe

HK Day 2 - Breakfast @ Capital Cafe

Capital Cafe is one of those famous "cha chaan teng" in Hong Kong, located at Wan Chai. The breakfast was good with two scrambled or fried eggs, macaroni with ham, butter toast, and coffee or tea. 

I find the Capital CafĂ©’s scrambled eggs excellent, creamy as it is fried with Hokkaido milk, fluffy, every mouthful taste...the macaroni with ham was really just so so but it's rare to eat this kind of meal in KL so it's not bad for me...plus we could enjoy the famous Hong Kong milk tea. 

The cafe is quite small but it's not as badly crowded as other places. 

The breakfast set (ham macaroni, eggs, buttered toast and a drink) is at HKD34, which is very reasonable. Understand that quite a lot of celebrities would visit the shop as well...too bad I didn't see any during my HK trip.

HK Day 2 - Golden Bauhunia Square

Next is the Golden Bauhunia Square. It is nearby the HK convention center. There is nothing much here since it is basically just one spot where the statue of the flower sits. And I you will have to wait for quite a while to take photos because there are so many tourists in the area. It has a nice view towards Tsim Sha Tsui though. (please take note that the road to this place is a bit inconvenient given the ongoing construction works but it's reachable. a lot of sign boards to lead the way plus Google map would help a lot).

HK Day 2 - Ani-com Park @ Harbour Fun

Once you reached the Golden Bauhunia Square, just next to it is the Ani-com Park where you could see a lot of the iconic comic characters sculptures....while I couldn't recognize all of it, I saw that most of it are the Hong Kong classic and adorable comic characters...

If you are serious about taking photos here, it could take more than an hour because there are more than 30 characters...

The harbour view from here is also awesome....I'm sure it'll look more beautiful at night. Here are some of the shots that we have taken.

HK Day 2 - Drop by @ Honolulu Coffee Shop to buy egg tarts

I can tell you that all those walks are tiring although it's not too far away. Probably because I was carrying a laptop and a DSLR at the same time. Anyway, the next stop after this was to go to the Honolulu Coffee Shop to buy egg tarts. Honestly, by the time we ate the egg tarts, it was already cold so couldn't really comment much. (forgot to eat it while we continued with our journey for the day). 

HK Day 2 - Lunch @ Kam's Roast Goose

The thing about me is that I don't really eat goose but since it's popular in Hong Kong, that's where we head to for lunch and it didn't disappoint. 

I wouldn't said it's the best meal that I had but the roast goose was great especially the sauce. The crispy pork was good also.

But you would have to wait for about 30 minutes to get a place to sit. It's a small restaurant (which I find a lot of those in Hong Kong) so it's best to queue early to avoid waiting for too long. The time for the food to be served was not too long though. Pricing wise, it's quite pricey in my view (probably because I'm not a goose person but the experience is something that one should go for at least once. Not that I'll go again for its price though).

HK Day 2 - Wan Chai Market, Blue House and "Ding ding" bus experience

I have always seen a lot of Hong Kong movies featuring their main characters buying foods and fruits from the market and when we passed by the Wan Chai market and its surroundings, I was impressed to see the crowd in the market during the afternoon time. I also saw that the fruits were much cheaper in the market than those I saw in a shop. I was honestly shocked by the big difference. 

No wonder the TVB series always showed the middle class bought their fruits from these markets...

The "Blue House" is a historic building with a history of over 80 years....honestly, it looks like one of the flats that I seen back in hometown except that it's colored but to read about its history and how well preserved it is simply amazes me.

After that, we took the "ding ding" bus to a nearby stop where we could find our next stop at the Bing Sut theme style Starbucks. Honestly, I really don't like taking the buses in Hong Kong because of the crowd....and everyone seem so unfriendly. It's a disappointment. Anyhow, still manage to take a photo of Nicole in the bus....(I seriously doubt she'll look so happy if she were to take bus in KL).

HK Day 2 - Hong Kong Bing Sutt Style Theme Starbucks @ Duddell Street

We took a while to find this Starbucks but it's really quite unique and unlike any other that we have seen.

Of course, it's still Starbucks...besides the decoration and theme of the cafe, there's not much different from the other Starbucks that I have visited in other countries.

HK Day 2 - The Victoria Peak

If you are planning to go to the Victoria Peak where you would have the best Hong Kong view, you would most likely be going through the Peak tram, and that's what we did. We bought the ticket from Klook and I would advised you to do the same. (cheaper and guided by someone).

The queue to the tram took a rather long time and don't be surprise to see the long queue. 

While it was quite fun to take the tram to go up to the Victoria Peak, the queue would kill off the fun, not to mention that everyone seem to be fighting for a seat in the tram. 

Victoria Peak

Honestly, I think everyone should come up here because the view is simply breathtaking. It was also windy and it's best when night comes.

I'll let the photos speak to you for this. 

Of course, the downside to this was the need to travel up and down using the tram and it took a lot of time waiting. My mom, dad and sisters took a cab back while my brother, Nicole and I took the tram down....it was way cheaper taking the tram but if you are really tired like my sisters, taking a cab might worth it. 

HK Day 2 - Dinner @ The Peak Outlook

We went to The Peak Outlook for dinner while waiting for the sky to turn dark so that we could capture the night view.

Well, normally it would be better to try Hong Kong popular Chinese meals but since I prefer Western, here we are. Haha! Anyway, this was also the day where we celebrate our beloved mom's birthday...