Hong Kong Trip Feb 2017 - HK Day 3 Itinerary

While our Day 2 traveling revolves a lot of exploring the city in Hong Kong, we were mostly in Ocean Park for our Day 3 trip.

Hong Kong Trip Itinerary Day 3

Hong Kong Trip Itinerary Day 3

Ocean Park

Dinner @ Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong @ Stanley Street, Central

Ladies Market

If you are a fans of theme park and animals, then this is the place for you to go to in Hong Kong. But for those of you who are planning to go to Disneyland, my advise is for you to go to the Ocean Park first. 

HK Day 3 - Ocean Park

One of the good things about spending time in theme park such as Ocean Park is that you don't have to go to a lot of places...however, from my personal experience, if you are not a fan of thrill ride or dolphin, you might wanna skip this.

I didn't go for most of the rides because my family and Nicole aren't lovers of thrill rides but we managed to see the very beautiful dolphin show as well as take a look at the panda and even shark. Felt like a day spent in the zoo with some fun rides in between. 

Here is the video of the dolphin show.

These are the photos from the dolphin show:

Check out some of the other photos taken in Ocean Park here.

HK Day 3 - Dinner @ Sing Kee Dai Pai Dong @ Stanley Street, Central

I've heard that the food in Hong Kong is very good and it didn't disappoint in my visit this time around. The food was great and yummy although I really dislike the crowd. If you think Ipoh or Penang is bad, try Hong Kong and you'll know what I mean.  

HK Day 3 - Ladies Market

Since we finished pretty early after our dinner, we headed back to freshen up a bit before heading to the Ladies market (Lui Yan kai) in Hong Kong.

I don't really like this place. It felt just like our very own "chi cheung kai" or Petaling Street....where a lot of fake watches, clothes, and other souvenirs that you could buy, but you need to bargain. And the worst part is that some of the ladies will show an angry face to you if you decided not to buy. I was lucky that no one scold me. I understand that a lot of tourists were scolded if they chose not to buy after bargaining.