Hong Kong Trip Feb 2017 - HK Day 4 Itinerary [Macau]

Day 3 saw a tiring experience in Ocean Park and a visit to the Ladies market.

On our day 4, we set to the land of dreams, Macau. One thing for sure about Macau is that despite being so close with Hong Kong, a step into it would bring an entirely different feeling as Macau clearly reflects the influence of the Portuguese culture, as it was under the Portuguese territory until 1999. Giant casinos and malls are also something that you will get used to it. 

Hong Kong Trip Itinerary Day 4 [Macau]

Hong Kong Trip Itinerary Day 4 [Macau]

Breakfast @ McD

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Wine and Grand Prix Museum

Grand Lisboa

Lunch @ Loja Sopa Da Fita Cheong Kei

Koi Kei Bakery

St Paul's Ruin

Fortaleza do Monte

Check in hotel @ Galaxy

Batman DarkFlight @ Studio City

Golden Reel @ Studio City

Dinner @ Dai Pai Dong


Visit to the casino @ Venetian

Day 4 - Breakfast @ McD

We reached Macau at the Macau main ferry terminal (Macau Outer Ferry Terminal) as we wanted to start the Macau tour from the old district.

Upon arrival, we decided to have our breakfast at anywhere convenient and we opted for McDonald's and ordered what we couldn't in Malaysia, Scrambled egg muffin with BACON!!

Day 4 - Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Once breakfast is done, we started our long walk for the day. Found Macau Fisherman's Wharf using both map and Google Maps. It's quite near to the ferry terminal where we arrived.

If you are into scenery and beautiful architecture, this could be a place for you to hang around but I felt it's more like a collection of shops, restaurants and bars set within theme areas such as Renaissance era or Europe.

But still, if you love Rome, this at least gives you a glimpse of it. A mini collosseum maybe?

I'm obviously the photographer of this tour since you could hardly see me in any of it. Haha!!

And here's where the theme changed after walking a little further.

You could also see a beautiful view from this place. Refreshing, good place to take photographs and enjoyed a good walk.

My conclusion would be to skip the place if you are looking for some adventure. fun or good food, but if you just wanna chill, enjoy some fresh air and walk around looking at beautiful scenery and different building design, this could be the right place for you.

Day 4 - Wine and Grand Prix Museum

If I knew what I was looking for, I would not have gone there. Honestly, it's a waste of time and efforts. Nothing much except for some more photos to be taken. 

Day 4 - Grand Lisboa

Apparently, the tallest building in Macau. One thing for sure though is the distinctive design of the building. (distinctive doesn't necessary equal to beautiful though, find it pretty yucky!)

We stopped by on our walk to have a quick tour of the place.

Managed to take a photo of the "bronze horse head" that was on displayed at the lobby. 

Nicole smiling happily here

Day 4 - Lunch @ Loja Sopa Da Fita Cheong Kei

Apparently, the wanton mee here is supposed to be good but it's so small and I honestly felt it tasted very normal. Nothing to shout about. Definitely won't come again the next time. It's crampy as well...

Day 4 - Koi Kei Bakery

If we could redo this again, I'll suggest you to only go to the Koi Kei Bakery to buy cookies after you have walked to St Paul's ruin....otherwise, you'll be feeling very tired, just like us.

Anyway, since my brother wanted to buy from the main branch of Koi Kei's bakery (there are so many of it...you really don't have to worry about missing out on this), we bought it from here instead.

The cookies here are not bad, especially the Portuguese tart. Definitely must buy and try.

Day 4 - St Paul's Ruin

The thing about the ruins of St Paul's....is that if you love history, then you should visit this place but almost everyone go there now since it's a must go to for a selfie or shot.

I'm not gonna bored you with history but if you embrace architecture, St Paul is probably one of its kind.

Day 4 - Fortaleza do Monte

Since we are already at St Paul's ruin, we went a little further higher to the Monte fort, or Fortaleza do Monte. I think everyone should make that walk to see Macau for themselves.

Out of all the beautiful architectures, designs and crowds, this was what I saw...a place that is so underdeveloped....with probably many people still in poverty. 

Day 4 - Check in hotel @ Galaxy

After that, we took a bus to the Galaxy hotel. In fact, we have to walk quite a distance because we took the wrong bus and the stop is quite a distance from the Galaxy. My suggestion would be to take a cab instead next time. (especially after feeling extremely tired from all those walks) The hotel here was good. As mentioned earlier, Macau still has a lot of place that appears to be underdeveloped with a lot of people living in difficult condition, but take a walk at the new district with all the expensive and good looking hotel, you suddenly stepped into a different world.

Day 4 - Batman DarkFlight @ Studio City

Once we check-in and put our luggage, we decided to go to Studio City for the "Batman DarkFlight", a 4D experience. 

We took the shuttle bus that is easily available.

The 4D flight simulation definitely give a WOW factor. 

Ticket prices for the Batman Dark Flight are HKD150 per adult, HKD120 per child. Alternatively, you can buy one of two Entertainment packages presently on offer. The first is a combo of Batman Dark Flight + Golden Reel (the figure 8 ferris wheel) - HKD220 per person.

This is an impressive 18 minute experience that includes an thrilling simulated flight through Gotham city, pursuing, fighting and escaping Joker and his villains. 

We first enter a holding area which is supposed to be Wayne Industries. We are then informed of Joker's prison bust out and it was done cleverly. It wasn't long before we were introduced to Batman, who apparently hacked into the system and reveals his plan to help us escape the building. We are then taken into the 4D flight simulation area where are are seated and belted in by the staff. It was then that the fun stuff began to happen. The flight simulation was exciting and surprisingly realistic 4D experience, and I think it's also suitable for both adults and children as well.

Day 4 - Golden Reel @ Studio City

I felt that the Golden Reel @ Studio City is pretty boring. It's a ferris wheel with a bit of difference. This is a figure eight shaped ferris wheel, built into the facade of the new hotel. You ride in glass cabins large enough for up to 10 passengers on a 15 minute ride.

While the glass cabins provide outward views in both directions over the mostly undeveloped land around the Cotai Strip and also be able to see the sides of the Art Deco style of the Studio City building which sort of curves outward on both sides of the ferris wheel, the glass is a bit foggy and difficult to see. Not exactly a clear view for photos. 

The property garden and pool areas below are clearly visible for view as well.

 Day 4 - Dinner @ Dai Pai Dong

As we were extremely hungry, we went for a food court there known as Dai Pai Dong. Spent HKD176 here for the food for three persons (two meals for 3 people to share)

Day 4 - Venetian and visit to casino

I'm not sure why it's so popular but I guess people love new things....to see a mini Venetia or an imitated ones in Macau was a good exploration for Nicole. 

The casino was not that different from what I see...much bigger maybe but definitely not too different.

Here are some of the shots of Venetian that I took.