World Vision AR FY16

A lot of times, we just take the easy way out when it comes to making a difference in the life of others. 

For example, most of us would never have looked into the annual report of the charity organization that we contributed. We would also never bother to scrutinize some of the official numbers related to revenue, tax allocation, spending and others by the government.

But being with The Edge after more than a year, I have picked up the habit of looking into the details especially when it comes to numbers.

I think it is important and necessary that we looked into those to ensure transparency and accountability. It is part of our job to make sure that every organization or government maintain a certain level of accountability and transparency so that those who commit crime such as corruption and others would not go unpunished.

Anyway, here is the World Vision Annual Review for its financial year ended Sep 2016.

Basically, the sources of donations mainly come from the Child Sponsorship Programme, of which I am part of. 

It is great to see that so many Malaysians are contributing to it with about RM44.6 million collected from the program. Non-sponsorship development projects also saw a collection of RM7.0 million while another RM429k was collected through emergency relief. 

About 81.9% of the allocation goes to International Programmes, which include the child sponsorship programme and international non-sponsorship development projects, which is worth RM42.6 million. 

I'm not sure if it's normal but the administration cost at about 14.1% seems high to me, which is about RM7.35 million. Although World Vision did mentioned they have pledged not to use more than 20% of the donations on administration and overhead costs, is 14% considered high? I've tried googling it and it seems reasonable. Any readers who have any knowledge of this could help me out here if keen.

The remaining 3.2% and 0.80% were used for Malaysian programmes as well as emergency relief and rehabilitation. 

Hopefully, this will give a better insight to those who are looking to contribute into World Vision programme or are already part of it.