Fitbit Challenge

One of the things that keep you going is people around, friends, people with same interest. And the same goes with keeping fit. 

While I am focusing more on bodybuilding recently (which I still suck big time), I am also going to maintain the goals of achieving 10,000 steps every day as well as going for extra miles. 

For me, Nicole, my mom and sister, we used the Fitbit Challenge to motivate one another and keep us going, in order to achieve our goals....and I like how it's a fun way to help us motivated.

This was one of the challenges that we played....Weekend Warrior...honestly, I never imagined myself walking in that amount of distances over the weekend. 


There are other type of challenges that you could opt for:

1) Daily Showdown - Who can get the most steps today?

2) Weekend Warrior - Who can get the most steps over the weekend? (Saturday and Sunday)

3) Workweek Hustle - Who can get the most steps Monday through Friday?

4) Goal Day - How many participants can reach their daily step goal?

5) Adventures - Choose between non-competitive solo journeys or challenge friends to finish the line across real life locations (I have not tried this yet so far). 

And it's really very effective.

Here's one of the days when we challenge on goal day....all four of us managed to keep to our goals for the day despite my mom not having the usual ample time to walk in KL. 

I always knew that motivation is to key to keep going but just didn't know that it's so effective even for people who hardly go for exercise. 

#ProjectFitness #FitbitChallenge 

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