Is Manchester United worthy as favourites?

With the latest 4 nil win against both West Ham and Swansea, Manchester United is looking more like a serious title contender, the first time since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. Coupled with Jose Mourinho's track record in winning all the league in his second season, the chances of Manchester United reclaiming the Premier League title is becoming high. The odds favour the Red Devils.

But I think it's too early to think that we are there because for most parts, Manchester United looks like a work in progress against Swansea. While the results 4 nil seem impressive, I don't think it's a serious reflection of the game. Against a stronger opponent, things might just go the other way.

While our performance against West Ham was astounding, it was probably due to the fact that West Ham is just trying to get his new players to connect as a unit.

The game against Real Madrid not too long ago highlighted our weakness and inconsistency and that should be a sign.

While it's good for the team to kick start the season with such a big victory, what's more important is consistency. Hopefully Manchester United will be able to keep the momentum up as the season progress.