Health: Reducing sugar intake

It's definitely difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle under the modern day's lifestyle. 

You just look at the food that we take on a daily basis....most of them are some form of fast food or processed food in nature. And we can't really change some of these because we still need to eat.

But there's one area in our lifestyle that is easily adjusted...sugar intake. While in an Asian context, rice, which is the main food for us and is easily available in food court or restaurants at an affordable price, we could reduce our sugar intake from our drinks. 

In fact, a study published last year shows that there is an epidemic of obesity in Malaysia, and a shocking one in five adult Malaysians has diabetes. A report in The Star last year said that our sugar consumption is one of the highest in the world according to data from the Food and Agricultural Association show. And a major part of that sugar comes from drinks. Tea, coffee, chocolate drinks and sweetened condensed milk are big contributors towards our sugar intake, a review article published in the Asia-Pacific Journal Of Clinical Nutrition found.

Drink coffee without additional sugar

There are two drinks that I consume on a daily basis that has quite a bit of sugar in them...coke and coffee. Well, I think I've talked about cutting down on my fast food takeaway habit before, which is still a struggle especially when I worked late or am busy. Nonetheless, coke is something that could be avoided easily but coffee, a no no. 

I guess one way is to take coffee without sugar. Guess I'll have to put it into my wunderlist everyday to remind myself.