Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Star Wars Theme

The long-awaited "Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi" is finally out and I think any Star Wars fans would need to have a Star Wars theme on their smartphone. 

If you have the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is a matching 8 to Star Wars episode, or any Android devices, you could actually create a Star Wars theme for free basically...something that will make Apple's iPhone's users look in envy.

Here is the wallpaper that I used for my Galaxy Note 8. 

Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren and Rey as the wallpaper for my Note8

It's pretty red as well since I am a fan of the Dark Side, and also the theme for the last Christmas. If you look closely, you could see these icons: phone, contacts, Chrome, Facebook, Instagram, Camera, and even WhatsApp, are all customized icons based on Star Wars theme as well...let's zoom into each of them and see. 


Princess Leai in a phone booth felt like the right icon to use for phone. It's where I tap into to make phone calls. 


For contacts, I'll leave it to the Droids to help me contact with the rest of the Resistance.


For Google Chrome, I can't think of a better icon than the Death Star, which actually look quite alike with Chrome. 


WhatsApp is one of those key apps that I used so I actually put it onto the home bar that exists in every home screen. I have selected the moment where R2D2 projected the hologram to Luke Sykwalker, which shows Princess Leia pleading for help in Star Wars: A New Hope, as the icon for WhatsApp.

Facebook, Instagram and Camera - the famous StormTroopers with the camera, BB8 in the Instagram, and the famous Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker as the most famous social media icon. 

All these icons were created with the "Icon Changer free" app. 

It's a free app. Of course, if you want to have it without some of the annoying ads, you could also do it.

Keyboard - Star Wars

It's pretty futuristic. The Death Star keyboard could be purchased using Rainbow Key. Of course, you could also have a free version of it, or you could customize it yourself using the Rainbow Key app.

Battery indicator - lightsaber indicator

This lightsaber battery indicator is pretty cool. When it's running out of battery, it will become shorter, and there is a word attached to it: I find your lack of battery charge disturbing

Always on Display - Anakin Skywalker shadow with Darth Vader

For this, I believe only Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will have such features. The Always on Display is pretty useful but I'll leave that for another time. 

Ringtones, Notifications

Of course, the StarWars theme will not be perfect without the right notifications and songs. 

Check out the ones that I use below:

WhatsApp's notification: Darth Vader's voice: I find your lack of faith disturbing

Call ringtone: Star Wars' theme song

Email notification: BB8 sound

All of these ringtones and notification sounds are downloaded from Zedge and other source. Basically, just have to set it into your phone setting. The cool thing about Android and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that all these customization could be done even on a more personal level. For example, if you want different sound/notification for the different messages that you are receiving or even different type of notifications. 

Anyway, hope this helps those who are looking for some Star Wars inspiration on their Note 8 in the New Year 2018. May the Force be with you.