The Grey Area - Note 1: Death

The Grey Area
Note 1: Death

The ticking of the clock was heard echoing through the silence of the walkway. Nat was surprised to receive a message from William tonight. They had not been in touch for over a year now since their argument over his involvement with the businessman known for his corrupt practices, Low.

But William's message tonight was filled with urgency and apparent cry for help. Although they had both move on from their short fling together, Nat still considered William as a good friend. She wouldn’t ignored a friend's plea for help and her instinct as a journalist also motivated her to drive up to William's condominium.

She still had the key and access to his home despite their breakup since William had never asked for it.

The corridor to William's unit was usually quiet and tonight was no different. Nat walked passed the stairway to William's unit and ring the door bell to see if there was any response.

“William are u inside?” she shouted from outside and waited for about five minutes in vain. She decided that she will enter the unit to check on William.

Click! The door opened and Nat stood in shock of what she saw.

Horrified, shock, and in tears, Nat rushed over to William's body which had blood all over it on the living room.

“William! William! Are you ok?” Nat held his body and looked for pulse. No sign of it. The body was frozen cold, which mean William was likely to have passed away for more than two hours.

She immediately called the police. After that, she looked around and saw that everything appeared to be in order in the unit, making it looked like a suicide. There was a knife next to William's hand.

While waiting for the authorities to arrive, Nat tried to calm down and recall of what the message that was sent three hours ago meant.

‘Nat, I need ur help. Its related to Low and its urgent. Can we meet?’

‘Its ok if u can't. I’m sorry for what I did babe. I love u.’

She looked around. Tonight was more quiet than usual. Nat noticed that the William's unit was too organised for his character. She remembered him as someone who was too busy to keep his home organised and was too concern about his privacy to hire a cleaner.

She went to his room, looked forMurook he always read..."Intelligent Investor" and took it out. William always shared his secret conversations or surprises with her by inserting cute notes into the book especially during special events such as Christmas, birthday, New Year etc.

When she flipped the book, a key dropped on the floor and a note read:

Nat, if you read this, you're in danger and I'm dead. Don't trust anyone even the police. Tell the cops you only come because I called you to and you don't know anything. Go to our special place and make sure you're not followed. Be careful. I love you.