"Solo: A Star Wars Story" introduce an interesting character: Qi'ra

If there was one thing you can be sure about Solo, a standalone Star Wars movie about one of her most favourite character, Han Solo, it is that the movie is no Star Wars, and it's no blockbuster stuff either, not something like what we have seen from Avengers: Infinity War.

In fact, I think Solo is a movie that shows the human in Solo, his struggles and some of the new characters introduced, which, in my point of view, an amazing skill of story telling.

There is no feature or camoe of our favourite Harrison Ford in any capacity of the movie, but Solo is superb from the get-go, and I must give credit to the new character introduced to the movie, Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke). 

Qi'ra grew up on the streets with Solo. As Solo attempted to flee Corellia, a slump where Solo and her was in, through the Imperial control zone, using the coaxium that Solo has stolen, by bribing the officer, Qi'ra couldn't make it. Solo promised to return for her and the movie leads us to some of the journey that Solo went through, introducing new characters, Tobias Beckett and crew, as well as how he met Chewbacca. 

It also shows the ugly side of Chewbacca, who apparently used to eat prisoners alive, for the amusement of the bad guys, and yes, Solo met him because of that as well. 

The movie did not paused too long before another set of journey takes place, very typical of Star Wars but the part where Qi'ra reemerge in the scene was brilliant. 

Qi'ra lived an even more difficult life after being captured again by Lady Proxima's gang. Eventually, Dryden Vos (the main villain in the movie), the leader of Crimson Dawn rescued Qi'ra from a dangerous situation, demanding her lifelong loyalty in return. Vos branded Qi'ra's forearm and back of her neck with the Crimson Dawn symbol.

The dynamics between the two were okay but I think it shows the side of Solo that is more human, someone who cares about others. 

The ending of the scene also revealed that Darth Maul was still alive, at least at that time.

I knew that the movie was not a hit in the opening. But the way that Disney is carrying this franchise, I expect to see more of Qi'ra in the upcoming Star Wars. Rumours have been circulating on the internet that she might just be the mother of Rey after all. 

Well, if you have not watched this and you're not a Star Wars fans, you should go for it. A Star Wars fans might not be as entertained as a non-fan. 

It was great to see Millenium Falcon in all its glory as well.