PokemonGo CommunityDay: Get yourself as many shiny Eevees as possible for its multiple evolutions

PokemonGo Community Day - Featured Pokemon: Eevee
The Community Day, featuring Eevee is here, and it's your opportunities to start hunting masses of Eevees. You have to get not just one shiny for a cool evolution because Eevee could evolve into five different Pokemon currently, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon. (not forgetting that in Gen 4, there is also two more evolution: Glaceon and Leafeon).

But this is where it gets tricky. With so much evolution possibilities, you have to make sure that your hunt for shiny Eevees on this Communitiy Day is more than what you usually get for yourself, and I believe this is where Niantic came up with the idea of having two three-hour blocks of period on the weekends. 

And the evolution to Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon are random, thus making it even more difficult to get all the three shiny different evolutions. 

Well, in the past when I was hunting for Squirtle or other shiny pokemon, most of the time, I would need about 2 to 3 to ensure that I have all the shiny evolutions but not anymore. Today, I have managed to get 13 shiny Eevees but even then, I felt like it's not enough, especially when so many of it are under the "weak" categories, or under the "may not be great in battle" category. 

With another three hours for tomorrow, hopefully I could hit the 20 targeted shiny that I'm aiming for. 

Don't worry if you don't have enough shiny. You can still trade with your friends

With the new feature that allows PokemonGo players to trade with their friends, this helped to give you better chances of getting all the shiny evolutions of Eevee. 

But the trick is this. Don't trade your shiny Eevees now. Wait til after you have evolved. 

Because then, if you only managed to evolve to shiny Jolteon or for some reason, you missed out on a shiny Jolteon, you could trade with your friends who somehow have a different luck than you. 

Community Day experience

Well, the experience was not too bad either although I think it was way better during the Community day that featured Squirtle. While the spawn rate appears to be decent, the chances of getting a shiny Eevee seem to be a little too low given the multiple evolutions that it could get into. 

I also wonder why Niantic couldn't create an Eevee with a sunglass or some other cool outfits as well just like how they do it with Pikachu and Squirtle. 

And if you think that PokemonGo is no longer something that people played anymore, I suggest you head to certain malls from 11am to 2pm tomorrow to see the crowd. 

When I was at KLCC today with YenLeng, we were surprised to see the groups that are holdings their smartphones trying to catch Eevee. And yup, just as how most of you have seen an uncle holding 11 smartphones to catch Pokemon, the two of us were dumbfounded when an uncle put 5 smartphones in a box and is holding it while trying to catch pokemon.

We also saw couple in Mew t-shirt, exactly the same as the one you saw on the PokemonGo game. Pretty cool. Maybe will need to buy some of these outfits as well. 

Anyway, if you miss the community like my brother did, there's still tomorrow, at 11am to 2pm. KLCC would be a great place to go to for Eevee. A lot of shiny and a lot of pokestops and gyms as well. There's also the park but remember to bring your cap, just like how Ash did in the Pokemon series, because it's rather hot over here. We stroll around the mall more often today due to the weather and since we forgot about our caps. 

If you prefer outdoor, the park is a great place to go to with a lot of pokestops available as well.