Trying to maintain a serious look on TV

What if you are on TV talking about serious subject matters such as how the market is being affected by all these serious and big stuff like interest rates hikes, IMF downgrades etc?

Well, it just so happen to occurred on a Monday where I had a great laugh and jokes with some friends over the phone. So, when I was talking with my colleague, Charlotte, I tried my very best to maintain that serious look. (I don't know how she managed to smile so graciously while every time I smile, I felt like it's super awkward). 

If you watch the video, I'm sure you'll catch a few moments where I actually smile while I was responding to the questions. 

Here is the moment, at around 2:57 there. Gosh!! I feel so stupid now. 

I just can't help it. Geez!!

Thankfully, the cameramen are good when it comes to playing with the angle, downplaying some of these moments. Else, I felt like I was laughing when I talked about how the new government converse the message to investors during the Investors Conference, Malaysia: A New Dawn.